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Brett Bengochea is an Actor

Love where this takes me (internally)

Darrell Polka was an Actor

Telling a story becoming immersed in the character

M. K. Hatten is an Actor

I started acting at age 11 and in my early 20s kind of quit. I'm in my 30s now and getting back into professional theatre and sketch comedy. Like most people who do this, I have a "day job." It's not steady work. I'm finishing my bachelor's degree in Theatre so I can have more options to work in theatre full time. It can be a difficult life but if it's your calling, it's worth it.

Kasey Davis was an Actor

Worked at a haunted house, really enjoyed it, but I prefer Improv parts over script reading.

billy ross iii is an Actor

Doing comedy is a great experience for me.

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