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heidi alexander is an Acupuncturist

It takes a bold leap of faith to undergo 4 years of training and hope that you can build a business. It's important to have a combination of empathy, book smarts, business acumen and deep commitment to others' well-being. Because there is a considerable amount of patient contact, you also need to be the type of person someone who others will look forward to seeing again. I love the profession and working with people so much I'm prone to burn-out. If that's my biggest gripe, count me a lucky professional!

Michelle Ogunti is an Acupuncturist

Being an acupuncturist, for me, is a dream come true. Every day I get to go into work and assist people in releasing pain, stress and anxiety from their bodies. It is hands on, and I never get bored. I also love owning my own business and being in charge of my future.

julie nickerson was an Acupuncturist

long hours and lots of travel

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