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Janelle Blackman is an Administrative Assistant

What is great about being an office administrator is that I get to interact with our customers on the front lines, but I also have an understanding of the whole organization. Adminsitration is a great way to learn about an industry, or organization, excellent for meeting new people and gaining valuable experience. This is a good opportunity for those who seek a fairly predictable work setting, but can handle ambiguity well.

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Jillian Beane was an Administrative Assistant

I have only been an administrative assistant in higher education settings. I enjoyed the pay and the increase in responsibility. However, when I wanted to learn or do more, I couldn't because being an administrative assistant became a restrictive box. I couldn't learn how to do payroll or budgeting because HR says I need to be on the management level. I couldn't join interdepartmental planning groups because part of being an administrative assistant meant manning the front desk. While all of my direct supervisors relied on me heavily because I was quick, reliable, and had no problem with doing what needed to be done to get a project completed, in the long run, the boredom made me visibly sad. For me, the downside of working in higher education is the end of each semester. I lose student interactive and my amount of work dwindles to nothing. I don't like being idle or bored.

Leah Jane is an Administrative Assistant

It's low-stress and flexible for me, which will help me as I get through school and figure out what to do further down the road.

Denise Ramirez is an Administrative Assistant

I enjoy organization and keeping the office or company running. It is a good starting point to learn different aspect of a certain industry.

Anna Rappoport is an Administrative Assistant

While it can be boring, it certainly has its perks as you get to learn about whatever is going on in your office and really be on the front lines of whatever industry your office is in.

Itchaya Pypnct is an Administrative Assistant

It depends on the employer or the type of organization you're in. I'd also worked as an admin asst. with another company. It's sort of small business, so they let us do (and learn to do) almost everything, from interpretation in meetings, helping the engineers do data analysis for the project, translation, externally official correspondence and other secretarial tasks or even the procurement! It was very challenging. Now I'm still an admin asst. but my current employer is making things boring, to me it's sick.

Anoz Mere is an Administrative Assistant

this career is an intermittent stream of pointless activities to support other people. I like that the people are pleasant. I don't have a high salary, I'm not doing project based work. I need a new job.

Leslie Velazquez is an Administrative Assistant

I do my job well, but I dislike having to sit down for 8 hrs staring at a computer screen. I'm usually analyzing data and creating spreadsheets.

Joris De Keulenaer was an Administrative Assistant

the pay and the prestige since it was at a lawyer firm.
I was a student at the time.
NOT my dream job

Kathleen Salmond is an Administrative Assistant

The biggest appeal of being an administrative assistant is the variety of responsibilities. I've always enjoyed juggling several tasks at any given time and find that I rarely get bored or burned out.

Rachel Lamb was an Administrative Assistant

I enjoyed the challenging aspects of problem solving and team work, but didn't like sitting at a desk all day.

Cathy H was an Administrative Assistant

A varied workload is important for this type of work. Repetitive and unchallenging unless it presents opportunities for growth.

Jezabel Rodríguez was an Administrative Assistant

confortable but repetitive. I liked the data analisys and organization.

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