Agriculture is the branch of economy that feeds the population of a country. Agricultural products provide food, clothing and other materials used in various industries. Since agricultural practices have become more advanced and technologically efficient, multiple regulations have been implemented by the government to ensure public health and food safety. For example, growing grains, fruits and vegetables has become more effective through the use of fertilizers. However, their usage is strictly regulated by appropriate authorities because a high amount of fertilizer may negatively affect the quality of the grown product. Farmers may also use pesticides and herbicides to prevent other unnecessary plants or harmful insects from damaging plantations and affecting crops. However, over use of pesticides may result in a certain degree of toxicity for the plant, which may translate in to health damage for the final consumer. The job of an agricultural inspector is to evaluate and monitor that agricultural practice follows state and federal regulations regarding food safety and public health. They inspect and quantify the amount of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides used in plantations or farms and compare it with the reference values allowed by authorities.

Agricultural inspectors indirectly represent the interests of the consumers because they inspect agricultural plantations, farms or processing plants for proper measures of hygiene, chemical use and storage conditions. They are the first line of battle against toxic compounds used in the food industry and improper processing procedures that result in low food quality. Agricultural inspectors represent the government and the state in their relationship with farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, and their role is to prevent the deterioration of product quality due to improper procedures used in growth and production. If a plantation, farm or processing plant is deemed unsafe for public health, agricultural inspectors have the authority to recommend the closing of such facilities through a thoroughly elaborated report in which their findings are detailed.

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