Many people who think of anesthesiologists think of the person who provides an anesthetic before an operation. While this is true, they also provide much more than this and are responsible for many more treatments. An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who works in the medical field and provides pain management care, such as anesthetics and epidurals, to patients before a surgery or to treat other pain problems. They work in a variety of medical settings with their patients. Anaesthesiologists provide more than just anesthetics to patients before surgery; they also watch over the patient during surgery, prepare people for surgery, and work with many patients who need pain management.

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While many people may believe that anesthesiology is just for “putting people to sleep” for surgery, anesthesiologists are responsible for much more including preoperative patient assessments, determining the best anesthesia for the patient and caring for the patient as they wake up or recover from anesthetic medications.

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Guiding patients who are fearful about an invasive procedure and taking them safely from induction to recovery is an enormous honor and privilege

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