What does an Animal Breeder do?

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What is an Animal Breeder?

An animal breeder is a person who breeds animals. These animals may be pets, farm animals, or exotic animals. Generally, an animal breeder is classified by what type of animal they breed. For example, they may breed cats, dogs, horses, cows, chickens, rabbits, or other animals. If someone breeds cats, they are generally called a cat breeder. If someone breeds dogs, they are generally called a dog breeder. This type of labeling system is used for all types of animals. Additionally, breeders may be further classified by what exact breed they specialize in. For example, a dog breeder that only breeds border collies would be considered a border collie breeder. There are nearly endless options as to what types of animals someone can breed.

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What does an Animal Breeder do?

An animal breeder breeds animals. This means that they mate animals to produce babies. The breeder then sells these baby animals once they have reached an age where they can survive without the mother. Breeders often work in conjunction with each other to find the perfect mates for each of their animals. Sometimes these animals will only meet during a short mating session. Other times, they may live in the same home.

Animal breeders also care for their animals and the baby animals until it is time to sell them. Breeders also ensure that their animals are purebred, and meet any breed standards or breeding club guidelines. Breeders must sometimes follow strict guidelines in order to reduce the chance for genetic disorders in offspring.

How to become an Animal Breeder

There are no minimum education requirements to be an animal breeder. Anyone can become an animal breeder with a little bit of knowledge. Breeders must understand state regulations regarding their breeding practices. For example, they may only be allowed to have a certain amount of animals on their land. In some states, breeders must be registered with the state, so the state can make sure they are following all guidelines. Some breeding clubs require membership in order to protect their interest in the breed. Breeders who do not register with the state or with these breeding clubs are sometimes called unregistered breeders. In certain areas, unregistered breeders can face legal consequences.

What is the workplace of an Animal Breeder like?

Breeders generally work in their own home or on their own farm. Most breeders own large areas of land that are conducive to raising animals. Some small-scale breeders choose to mate and raise the animals inside their own house. Other small-scale breeders keep their animals outdoors. Most large-scale breeding operations have dedicated barns and living areas for their animals.

This means that most breeders live and work in rural areas. However, some small-scale breeders may choose to live and work in urban and suburban areas. Most breeders report that breeding is not their only occupation. Many breeders also own agricultural farms, or go to work during the day in an unrelated job. Most breeders also report that their whole family is involved in the breeding process. This is due to the fact that the majority of breeders perform their work in their own home.

The workplaces of breeders are just as varied as the breeders themselves. Where a breeder works depends greatly on the area of the country they live in and what type of animal they are choosing to breed. For example, a person who breeds horses will need a large horse farm to run their operation. However, a person who breeds pet snakes may be able to run their business completely out of a city apartment.