For those with a connection to or love for animals, a job within the animal control field can be a perfect opportunity for employment. There are plenty of different jobs within this field that encompass many different areas of animal control. Some of the jobs within this field include animal control officers and attendants, investigators for animal cruelty, dog wardens and catchers, canine service trainers and humane officers.

While not necessarily high-paying positions, there can still be great joy found within these jobs. Saving an abused animal from further harm can be a very rewarding experience.

Animal control workers complete a variety of different tasks depending upon the area of employment. In the most basic description, they help control abandoned and unattended animals, investigate the mistreatment or abuse of pets, determine if an animal is dangerous or help to remove a dangerous animal. However, there are a multitude of tasks required for this career, depending on experience and the employer.

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