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Spend The Day With: A Morning Radio Announcer

Despite working in this industry since 1964, I love it. If you start hating it, you should leave.

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Waking Up To Joanne Kam: Up Close & Personal With A Radio Announcer

She is loud, witty, bubbly and makes you laugh out in stitches. One of the country’s foremost female personalities, Joanne Kam Poh Poh needs no introduction. A comedienne and entertainer, she is best known for her stint as a radio announcer with Malaysia’s only women-centric radio station, Capital FM.

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Radio And Television Announcers - What They Do

Announcers often are well known to radio and television audiences and may make promotional appearances and do remote broadcasts for their stations.

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How To Become An Announcer

Being an announcer for radio or television can be a rewarding career. It is a job that is considered to be in the field of Mass Communications or Journalism. You can choose to either find a job at a local radio station and stay there, or move up to “big market.”

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How To Become A Professional Voice-Over Talent

If it’s of any assistance for those who have been told, “you have a great voice, you should be in radio and TV advertising,” here’s how it happened to me.

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How To Become A Radio Announcer

Radio announcers may open a program, do commercials, read the news and interview guests. The amount of on-air time they have and responsibilities will vary depending on the station they work for. The competition to become a radio announcer is great but you can increase your chances if you follow these steps.

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