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  • Karen Stapley: A Day In The Life Of An Archivist blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk

    I am part of a 13-strong cataloguing team working on material from the India Office Collections that document British Colonial influence in the Gulf region from the 18th to 20th centuries.

  • Jenny Childs: A Day In The Life Of An Archivist blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk

    I work at the Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections at the University of Birmingham, where our oldest document dates back to the 6th century, and our clay tablets to c2000 BC.

  • Gary Brannan: A Day In The Life Of An Archivist blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk

    Rule 1 of being a local authority Archivist. There is no typical day.

  • Career Spotlight : Historical Researcher / Archivist www.schoolfinder.com

    Lynette is 26, and attended Trent University (1995-1999) for her BA in history and English, and Algonquin College (1999-2001) for her archival technician diploma.

  • An Interview With Giovanna Fossati, Film Archivist And Curator www.movingimagearchivenews.org

    Giovanna Fossati discusses her career path, her responsibilities at EYE, and her advice to students who wish to pursue a career at a film archive or museum.

  • Archivists, Curators, And Museum Technicians www.careerprofiles.info

    Archivists, curators, and museum technicians collect and safeguard rare or significant documents or objects to be displayed or stored.

  • So, What Exactly Does An Archivist Do? anthroarchivist.wordpress.com

    This post is inspired by how many library school students and librarians have no real idea of what archivists do and why — a description of archives doesn’t seem to make it to any intro classes. Below is a brief overview.

  • Some Archival Career Advice siarchives.si.edu

    The Smithsonian Institution Archives receives dozens of inquiries every year from students and recent graduates about the archives profession and how to become an archivist. Since this is such a popular topic, we decided to make our responses to the most common questions available to a wider audience.

  • So You Want To Be An Archivist: An Overview Of The Archives Profession www2.archivists.org

    Archives are the non-current records of individuals, groups, institutions, and governments that contain information of enduring value.