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Internal Auditor

Internal auditors provide an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operations, specifically its internal control structure.

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Types Of Auditing Careers

As an auditor with your new CPA license in hand, you have a few options for finding a job.

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So You Want To Be An Auditor?

If you want the life of a professional auditor, be prepared! Know what you are getting yourself into.

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Day In A Life Of An Auditor At A Big Four

The following is a description of a busy season day as experienced by an Assurance Associate at one of the Big Four firms.

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What An Auditor Does And Doesn’t Do

An auditor gathers appropriate and sufficient evidence and observes, tests, compares and confirms until gaining reasonable assurance. The auditor then forms an opinion of whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

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