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  • The Night Kitchen: The Secret Lives Of Early Morning Bakers www.cakespy.com

    The idea of a baker's life has always been quietly romantic to me: waking up before dawn, firing up the ovens, and living some sort of secret life that goes on while most of us are still sleeping.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Baker: Gragger & Cie Boulangerie reestablishingthefoodconnection.blogspot.ca

    I first read about Gragger and Cie through a blog written by a woman living in Wien. The way she lovingly described the bakery made me determined to check it out myself.

  • The Glamorous Life Of An Artisan Baker www.bbc.co.uk

    Anyone who passionately loves baking – magically transforming a bowlful of water, flour and yeast into dark, crusty loaves of heaven – has quietly dreamed about doing it for a living. Imagine turning out fifty or one hundred loaves at a time, each more beautiful and delicious than the last.

  • The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Baker www.exforsys.com

    The role of a baker is an extremely important one, especially with regard to the culinary arts. There are many different items which a baker creates and the duties and responsibilities of this individual go far beyond the oven. A baker has many daily job duties which must be completed in order to make their occupation a success.

  • How To Become: A Baker yummyandscrummy.com

    Do you love to bake? Can you spend hours in your kitchen on a Saturday afternoon, conjuring up all manner of cakes, muffins and loaves?