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Mark Andrew and this career

I worked in a cinnamon bun bakery, so to say I was a baker is a stretch, but it was still a good job. As a small business, it was a wonderful workplace as a sixteen-year-old.

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Luann Suhr and this career

I worked as a "baker" in the supermarket making breads, donuts, pies, doing cake writing, etc. Pay is a little more than minimum wage. It's an okay job, not super exciting, but it's okay.

Ana Doree and this career

I enjoyed the tactility of making bread and the occasional opportunity for creativity. My real joy is in direct interaction and helping people, though. This was not the right fit for me.

sterling gordon and this career

so far I enjoy it for being able to work with my hands and always creating fresh breads and baked goods. I enjoy making desserts very much.