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kelly kirk is a Bartender

It's great. You get to meet all sorts of people and it's very hands on. I like the multitasking aspect and having to work under high pressure situations.

Sergio Esaú Arámbula Durán wants to be a Bartender

I realy love mix the things; for example on the food I have mixed up eggs with soy salce and cream and I want to do something like that with drinks; test them and if gains popularity serve them to my clients; I realy love make new flavors and is true; I do not know about the alcohol but I can learm

Jozef Spiteri Hay was a Bartender

Great student job (this is depending of the establishment and the location).

matthew clements was a Bartender

Good fun, but unsociable hours. You end up spending most of your time with your colleagues as they are the ones who are free when you are. Not much room for progression, unless you go into management.

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