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What is a Beekeeper?

A beekeeper is a person who keeps honey bees in boxes or hives. Bees produce honey, pollen, royal jelly and beeswax.

A beekeeper will also provide services to vegetable and fruit farmers for pollination purposes and raise queen bees to sell to other farmers.

They need to maintain healthy bees, prepare colonies for production, inspect colonies for any sign of disease and replace the queen bee when necessary. Beekeepers also need to follow food safety guidelines when harvesting and processing the honey.

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External Reading

  • A Day In The Life Of A Beekeeper - As Told By Ray Sciberras melaniedrury.info

    It is about 11 o’clock in the morning when I go to my hives. This is a calmer time of day since most of the bees are out foraging, which means there are less bees to deal with and those are all occupied guarding their hive and feeding the young...

  • A Day In The Life Of A Beekeeper With Bryer Apiary westchesterdish.com

    Monday through Thursday, you can find Jeff Bryer dishing psychology advice, but on weekends you’ll most likely find him surrounded by thousands of bees. Jeff has been a “hobby” beekeeper for 12 years and has over 30 beehives in five locations throughout Chester County.

  • Beekeeper animalcareers.about.com

    Beekeepers, also known as apiarists, manage and maintain colonies of honey bees that produce honey and provide pollination services. Income for a beekeeper can vary widely based on experience, education, and type of employment (i.e., hobbyist or commercial production).

  • Understanding The Role Of The Queen Bee In A Hive www.dummies.com

    The queen bee is the heart and soul of the honey bee colony. She is the reason for nearly everything the rest of the colony does. The queen is the only bee without which the rest of the colony cannot survive. A good quality queen means a strong and productive hive.

  • How Bees Work animals.howstuffworks.com

    Over hundreds of years, people have developed many types of manmade hives that provide shelter and living space for bees while making it easier to harvest honey.

  • Getting Started In Bees www.nationalhoneybeeday.com

    Like any hobby, some consideration in what will be required is a must. How much time is involved? Am I able to keep bees? How much will it cost? How do I go about getting started?

  • Basic Beekeeping Operations www.uky.edu

    Bees can be kept almost anywhere; they do not have to be in a "perfect" spot. Choosing the best possible location, however, increases the chances for a strong, productive colony.

  • What Does A Beekeeper Do? www.wisegeek.com

    A beekeeper manages colonies of bees in order to harvest their honey. His job includes caring for the bees and maintaining and monitoring their hives to promote optimal honey production.