Articles on Biochemical Engineer

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  • A Biochemical Engineer's Duties

    There are few areas untouched by biochemical engineering. Biochemical engineers either created or improved many products people take for granted such as medicine, gasoline, paper and fertilizer. Brewing a better beer is one of the many problems biochemical engineers may be asked to investigate.

  • Biochemical Engineering Careers

    We have partnered with CareerBuilder to bring you the latest job postings for biochemical engineering careers.

  • Studying Biochemical Engineering

    Brenda Parker is a biochemical engineer in the middle of her postgraduate studies. She describes how she came to study engineering and why her work helps the environment.

  • Salary For Biochemical Engineers

    Combining their knowledge of biology, chemistry and engineering, biochemical engineers create solutions for materials, systems and processes that interact with living organisms and biomaterials.

  • Biochemical Engineer

    Biochemical engineers apply engineering science principles to biological materials, processes and systems to create new products changing areas such as the production of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, and the treatment of waste.