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  • Bioengineer Job Description

    Bioengineers interact with a variety of medical professionals — biologists, physicians, biochemists, therapists and physiologists — to design, develop and manufacture instruments and devices, or to develop procedures to remedy clinical problems.

  • Biomedical Engineering

    BME: Best Major Ever?! First things first, what in the world does a biomedical engineer actually do and why would anyone in their right mind commit to what appears on the surface to be such a grueling endeavor?

  • Biomedical Engineering And Heart Health

    For Katie Hilpisch, a senior biomedical engineer at Medtronic, helping devise therapies for heart patients is all in a day's work!

  • What It Takes To Be A Bioengineer

    Biomedical engineering is expected to be the fastest-growing job market in the United States during the next seven years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of biomedical engineers is projected to rise by about 62 percent.

  • Lori Laird (Biomedical Engineer)

    My name is Lori Laird. I'm a biomedical engineer for Guidant Corporation. I work in the vascular-intervention division of Guidant.

  • Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical engineers study, design, develop and evaluate biological and medical systems and products such as artifical organs, prostheses, medical instruments and information systems