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  • What Happens On The Butcher Block?

    When a butcher takes an animal to the butcher block and starts cutting away, it isn’t just a series of violent hacks at the animal in question. The butcher actually performs a very delicate procedure that is specifically designed to increase your enjoyment of the meat offered to you.

  • How To Open A Butcher's Shop

    Butcher’s shops are an institution, providing fine cuts of meat and an expert service. While supermarket deli counters have eaten into the market in recent years, butcher’s shops are still popular among loyal customers that value the traditional experience.

  • What Is A Master Butcher?

    The title Master Butcher carries weight in recognition of achieving the highest level of expertise in its field. With this in mind, I spoke with one of Buedel’s own Master Butchers, Peter Heflin, to share his insight.

  • Butcher Job Description

    Butchers are responsible for turning large pieces of meat into retail-ready portions that can be purchased by consumers and restaurants.

  • How Do I Become … A Butcher

    Mark Farquar: 'I knew as soon as I stepped into the shop that this was my life.'

  • So You Want My Job: Butcher

    Danny Catullo, owner of Catullo Prime Meats, explains why the job of butcher has become a whole lot hipper and more desirable than it used to be. And not just because it offers all the Turducken you can eat.