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  • Life As A Television Camera Operator eyesay.hubpages.com

    I have been asked several times now what it means to be a camera operator. What it means and what the job is, are two completely different questions, I'm going to answer the first one.

  • How Do I Become… A TV Cameraman www.theguardian.com

    Filming is neither fun or glamorous, says cameraman Joel Shippey, which is why you need commitment, the right attitude and a love of people.

  • Camera Operator Facts work.chron.com

    The images that appear in movies, on TV and in videos come from the work of camera operators. They often perform their tasks under instructions from a director. The pictures may entertain or inform, but must compel an audience to watch.

  • 10 Tips For Shooting Steady Hand Held filmcameracourse.wordpress.com

    Hand Held shooting is a skill that all camera operators need to develop, and for all the film directors out there, this is also useful stuff to know because it’s always good to appreciate the camera operator’s challenges when shooting.

  • How To Become A Better Camera Operator filmcameracourse.wordpress.com

    Being a professional camera operator is a highly skilled job, which requires many qualities. It’s not just a case of just looking down the viewfinder and shooting.

  • Camera Operator careerplanning.about.com

    If you were to visit the set of a movie or television show, you would see the "cameraman" filming the action.