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  • The Aesthetician And The Cartographer www.axismaps.com

    Sometime around 2006, when everyone and their grandma started cranking out terrible Google Maps mashups, the Cartography world soiled its collective underpants as it looked like the once specialized profession was about to become obsolete.

  • How Do I Become A Cartographer? www.wisegeekedu.com

    To become a cartographer, one may want to focus on some type of formal study, additional specialized training and obtaining licensure.

  • Point To Point www.theguardian.com

    Tony Killilea's career in mapmaking has encompassed great change since the days of plumb lines and draughtsmanship.

  • Interview With Cartographer Doug Crews-Nelson thirdeyemom.com

    Meet Doug Crews-Nelson, a Cartographer/Artist from Madison, Wisconsin, who is just beginning to promote his ingenious maps for sale.

  • New Cartographers: How Citizen Mapmakers Are Changing The Story Of Our Lives blogs.guggenheim.org

    We see them every day, popping up on our Twitter feeds, filtered through blogs, or even scattered throughout the New York Times: maps portraying not the usual locations or destinations, but data.

  • Cartographer Job Description www.ehow.com

    Many cartographers have moved from the drafting table to the computer, using special software to gather data and create their maps.

  • The New Cartographers sciencecareers.sciencemag.org

    As maps have changed, so have mapmakers. No longer static images, maps have become active interfaces for information exchange.