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  • A Day In The Life Of A Professional Organizer

    Today, Pro Organizer Holly Shacklett is taking us behind the scenes with her in her career as a professional organizer. I’m both thankful for the great tips and also a little jealous – I love to purge stuff – especially other people’s stuff!

  • Peek Inside A Professional Organizer's Houston Home

    Jason Reeves was the kind of kid that lined up his toys by height and his stuffed animals by species. These days, he has a junk drawer in his kitchen, but he straightens it regularly...

  • How To Become A Professional Organizer

    In the last week, I've gotten 11 emails and 5 phone calls asking me for my advice on how to become a professional organizer and run the business...

  • Professional Organizer Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the most asked questions about our company and our professional organizing services.

  • Working With Hoarders: Training And Experience Highly Recommended

    Since the “Hoarders” series started airing on A&E TV, many people have been wondering what kind of training you need to work with compulsive hoarders.

  • Ask Unclutterer: Becoming A Professional Organizer

    Professional organizing is an amazing career path. It is a great option for people who like puzzles, a new adventure every day, working with people, teaching, and, obviously, uncluttering and organizing.

  • How To Become A Professional Organizer

    The skills you need to succeed at professional organizing.