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Childcare Worker Reviews

  • terrific
    4 ratings
  • pleasant
    8 ratings
  • satisfactory
    9 ratings
  • lowly
    1 ratings
  • disappointing
    0 ratings

All Reviews

Holly Bond and this career

I really enjoyed watching the children's personalities emerge as they grew and it was fulfilling to know I was a part of that process.

alex hackett and this career

Work for the YMCA with small children to young teens.

Sarah Teasdale and this career

I enjoyed the role but not the atmosphere of the work places .

Jenn Schultz and this career

I like working with the kids, but I want more of a challenge.

Sean Hunter and this career

I enjoyed working with children. Occasionally it would get overwhelming and I feel that I'm not ready to take on the many challenges of being a school teacher.