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  • Are There Different Kinds Of Chiropractors? alphachiropractic.net

    Actually every chiropractor is different. Chiropractic is an art form, which can be done using many techniques. Just like hitting a golf ball, hitting a baseball, or shooting a basketball, there are different ways to accomplish the same objective.

  • Top 10 Qualities Of A Great Chiropractor chiropracticschools.com

    The profession is growing at a rapid rate and the most successful chiropractors have qualities that will take them to the top of the profession.

  • Equine Chiropractor Training work.chron.com

    Horses can get relief from pain and discomfort from an equine chiropractor just as humans get relief from their chiropractors. The road to becoming an equine chiropractor is not much different, although there are a few paths available for you to take.

  • Advantages Of Being A Chiropractor work.chron.com

    Although once relegated to the field of alternative medicine, chiropractic care has become more accepted by the traditional medical field since the 1980s.

  • Palmer Grads Tackle Sports Chiropractic Field www.news-journalonline.com

    Dr. Miller, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, has been the chiropractic team physician for the Patriots for the past 30 years, working on about 30 to 40 Patriots players before each game and available for specific injuries during the game.