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  • A Day In The Life: With Teacher And Choreographer David Fernandez www.dance-enthusiast.com

    David Fernandez, a New Yorker, originally from Mexico City, is not only a highly regarded and well–loved teacher, but he is also a talented international choreographic artist. Fernandez brings virtuosity, lightening speed and wit to the ballet. And,ps, dancers love him.

  • Stage Coach www.theguardian.com

    Stori James, choreographer for the musical Dirty Dancing at the Aldwych Theatre, London.

  • A Day In The Life Of Dancer And Choreographer Justin Peck www.pointemagazine.com

    “The days when I’m choreographing, and rehearsing a dance part, and then performing at night—you can get a little glazed over,” he says.

  • How To Become A Music Video Choreographer www.ehow.com

    If you aspire to work with today's hottest pop, hip hop, and R&B groups, one way to get involved in the music industry is as a choreographer for music videos.

  • How To Become A Dance Choreographer www.becomeopedia.com

    If you would like to become a dance choreographer, you'll need to have plenty of skill, as well as a bit of patience. With the popularity of some recent reality TV shows, this has become a sought after career path.

  • Dancer And Choreographer www.careergirls.org

    Choreographers create new dances. They may also add changes to older dances. Some teach dancers to get the results they want. They may also audition dancers for a particular production.