Perhaps one of the more unusual career aspirations in the world today, a circus performer must be passionate about entertaining people and have a unique ability to captivate an audience in their performance. A circus performer might refer to a rather varied collection of jobs: from a performer with major shows from contemporary circuses such as the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, or to a self-employed street performer displaying their skills at festivals and street shows throughout the world. Ultimately, a circus performer must have unusual entertainment skills, such as acrobatics or juggling, and will perform using one, or a combination, of these skills. However, every circus performer is an artist and will thrive on the adrenaline rush of dazzling and amazing a captivated audience.

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“We’re basically a city without a ZIP code,” Mr. Griggs, a circus manager, said Thursday at his home, which sat in a railyard in Secaucus, N.J, the sun gleaming off its silver paint. The train’s 33 coach cars, he said, are like a 33-story apartment building, only horizontal, with onboard electricians and mechanics in place of a super.

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At 22, Bulgarian-born Mantchev is already an eight-year circus veteran. As a young teen, he traded his family for the circus community and came to America.

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