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  • For Circus Workers, Home Is Where The Train Is www.nytimes.com

    “We’re basically a city without a ZIP code,” Mr. Griggs, a circus manager, said Thursday at his home, which sat in a railyard in Secaucus, N.J, the sun gleaming off its silver paint. The train’s 33 coach cars, he said, are like a 33-story apartment building, only horizontal, with onboard electricians and mechanics in place of a super.

  • Life At The Circus journalism.nyu.edu

    At 22, Bulgarian-born Mantchev is already an eight-year circus veteran. As a young teen, he traded his family for the circus community and came to America.

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  • Joining The Circus, Leaving The Circus www.pbs.org

    I could write a book about why I chose to join the circus, but here's the long, short story...

  • "Being Circus:" Life In The Family Business www.pbs.org

    Performers from multi-generational circus families hold a unique status under the big top. On the back lot they call it "being circus," and it represents a clear dividing line.

  • Living The High Life www.theguardian.com

    Howie Morley got his big break after being spotted erecting scaffolding - on stilts. After that, you know you belong under the big top.

  • Becoming A Circus Performer www.videojug.com

    Lucy Francis (Arialist, acrobat, circus performer and teacher) gives expert video advice on: Can you combine other roles with being a circus performer? How did you get inspiration to become a circus performer? What advice would you give to an aspiring circus performer? and more...