Coaches instruct and work with students and clients to prepare them for anything from performing to their peak in recreational sports to developing skills that will help them achieve life and career goals. A coach can be a private tutor, counsellor, or a life-skills coordinator. They work in a private office, out of their homes, or at accredited primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

Three primary areas for coaching are athletic coaching, career coaching and wellness coaching. Each requires a similar but varied skill set and there are many niches within each area. In addition to these concentrations, coaches may be independent contractors who specialize in relationship, parenting, business and even religious development. In fact, there is probably a coaching position for almost every area of life, business or recreation.

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Greg Arrese is a Coach

I have been coaching youth sports for the past nine years. I have coached 13 girls soccer teams and 3 girls lacrosse teams (age range 5 to 14 years old). Coaching has been a great way for me to get to know many parents and children in my community and has been a great way to spend quality time with my three daughters. I have also developed some great friendships while coaching alongside other moms and dads in my town.

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