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Commercial Diving Careers

The demand for qualified commercial divers and underwater welding specialists, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, is significant. According to an article in a recent issue of Underwater Magazine, the deepwater sector of the Gulf has become the industry’s most active area.

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Diver Down: Tales Of A Commercial Diver

Thomas Harter loves his job. He says, “When you really love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Ironically, he follows that observation with another: “But, believe me, it’s been a lot of hard work to get where I am.”

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So...You Want To Be A Commercial Diver?

Did you see suggestive pictures, or catchy captions in one of the scuba magazines? "Excitement, Adventure, and Money" ring a bell? Have you assumed that because of the inherit risk commercial divers work with, that they must earn great salaries? Perhaps you like scuba diving and thinking about taking it a step further and making it a profession of some sort? A lot of commercial divers started out with those same thoughts. But before you shell out your money or make a major career change, here are some in-depth facts, without the hype, that you need to consider.

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Considering A Career In Commercial Diving

As Tamara Brown, president of Divers Academy International in Atlantic City, New Jersey, says, "While most people associate commercial diving with the offshore oil industry, there is also a lot of inland commercial diving. This includes support for everything from nuclear power plants to bridge inspection and repair to building and repairing wastewater treatment facilities."

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Commercial Diver Salary

Commercial diving isn't just limited to the energy sector. Construction, demolition and inspection go on everywhere. Municipal water supplies, sewage treatment plants, salvage, hull name it.

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What Does A Commercial Diver Do?

A commercial diver is a professional who is paid to go underwater. Many commercial diving jobs are construction-related, and often involve more services than just diving.

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