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The Truth About Airline Pilot Jobs

The Wall Street Journal, in a November 2012 article, reported that the largest U.S. airlines collectively employed nearly 51,000 pilots. Altogether, U.S. airlines have nearly 100,000 pilots flying the skies.

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A Day In The Life Of A Commercial Pilot

Captain Dave Fielding, BALPA National Executive Committee, looks at the different career roles available for a short-haul and long-haul airline pilot.

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How To Become A Commercial Pilot

Many people are misinformed about what a "commercial pilot" is. They assume that if someone is a commercial pilot, they are an airline pilot. While it's true that airline pilots are, indeed, commercial pilots, commercial pilots are not necessarily airline pilots.

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Personality Traits Of Pilots

Each career field has its own set of requirements, expectations, and stressors. People possessing certain personality traits often succeed remarkably well in some careers yet fail in others. As a result, many airlines and large corporations employ personality tests to determine suitability for employment. In the most basic sense, the interview is a personality test - "will you fit in to this organization?"

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Pilot Pay: Want To Know How Much Your Captain Earns?

Just how much do pilots at major airlines earn these days?, an information source for pilots, recently released a salary survey.

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On Becoming A Pilot (In Canada)

I get a lot of emails, and sometimes phone calls, asking me questions like: How do I become a pilot? Where do I start? How long will it take? How much will it cost?" This article will answer those questions - and more. It's very thorough (read: long) and is packed full with information.

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