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Commercial Pilot Reviews

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Tweety Bird and this career

It's an idea that you have had to love since being a child for you to get through all the challenges to eventually be able to make a living from it. It will take ALOT of money and at least 10 years from your first lesson, getting all your ratings, flying for small air taxi/ flight instructor for food stamp income, commuter ops with slightly better income before you make it to the main lines.

If you were able to pony up the +70k for the ratings and the many years of ghetto pasta/ ramen noodles and are LUCKY enough to have handed in your resume at the right time/place and the right person read it- you'll be rewarded with the best office view there is. The view at FL390 is better than any penthouse office.

For the first few years you will have to be comfortable with relocating in order to get the initial jobs/ experience. Once in the main lines -depending on your routes, you can be away from home anywhere from 10'ish to 17 days a month. However, you once the park brake is on at the end, work does not follow you home. You are also only paid from park brake OFF at pushback from the gate to when the park brake is ON when you arrive. Initial pay for the first few years you can make a living on but it will be at least after year 4 (depending on equipment) that the better salary comes in.

Again, you have to love the idea of being a pilot and not do it for its potential salary. Odds are you will not be a 777 Capt. making 250k/year, but you may be the 320/737 Capt. making 180k/year (depends for who). It takes ALOT of money, perseverance and LUCK to make a career out of it but its rewards is greater than any other profession.