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  • An Interview With Rohith Pottabathni

    Before he decided on a major in computer science, Rohith was a pre-med student. He made the change in his academic track because he wanted to use his creativity to write programs and develop new ideas. Rohith has become an avid programmer and an aspiring start-up company entrepreneur.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Computer Programmer

    An interview with Dan Laush, Informatics student at the University of Washington.

  • How Much Money Does A Computer Programmer Make A Month?

    Computer programmers are responsible for writing the code that allows computer software systems to function. The following is the average salary one can make in this career.

  • What Does It Take To Be A Programmer?

    Many people want to know if they have what it takes to be a good programmer. There's no simple, check-these-boxes answer to the question, but there are some helpful traits that you may have or that you can develop.

  • What Does It Take To Be An Expert In Computer Programming?

    There are five prongs to becoming an expert in computer programming.

  • Types Of Computer Programmers

    Computer programmers may work in one of several different areas of programming, some requiring a greater degree of technical skill than others.

  • 7 Life Lessons From A Self-Taught Programmer

    There’s a link between spoken languages and programming languages. At a certain level, they’re both a vocabulary over a grammar. A programming language can be learned and applied just like learning French or Japanese.