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Computer Programmer Reviews

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    36 ratings
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    33 ratings
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    16 ratings
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Featured Reviews

Ryan West and this career

Being interested in computers is always something that I've been interested in. From a very young age, I'd always been tinkering with computers in some capacity. Working with computers for me is a like a mix of art and engineering. Finding out how machines work, and how to make them solve real problems is something that I find great joy in.

Anson MacKeracher and this career

Fast-paced, creative, scientific, lucrative. What's not to like?

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Jonathan T and this career

A good career for someone with the right personality. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand being sat at a cubicle day-in, day-out.

Requires excellent (and I mean, excellent) problem solving skills, a keen interest in programming (obviously) and the ability to think outside the box.

It's a fairly solitary job, as fellow programmers tend to work with headphones on to avoid distraction. It often involves dealing with non-technical-minded individuals, so it is necessary to be able to translate ideas into non-techy speak and vica-versa.

It can be infuriating working with managers/stakeholders with unrealistic expectations, or those who don't have a precise set of detailed requirements.

Jorge Valenci and this career

Me encanta solucionar problemas que puedan ser resueltos con el software.

Dan Hersam and this career

I love the problem solving and ability to create solutions. Tight or unreasonable deadlines created by middle management can be a big source of stress, frustration and long hours. Those long hours take a toll on your health. Even a regular 8-hour day sitting at the computer typing gets old after a few years.

Michael Moss, PhD and this career

Fast-paced, stressful, dynamic, deadline intensive, never dull, always learning.

Angela Norton and this career

I like the problem-solving aspect of software development. Unfortunately, being a developer also means spending all day inside staring at a screen, and after several years in this field, I am suffering health problems from the lack of movement and high stress that seems endemic to the IT field. I'm seriously looking at alternative careers despite having substantial experience and success as a developer.

Mariusz Klimek and this career

I had a computer since I was six, so I learned programming very early. When I wanted to choose a university I applied for English and IT. And landed in IT. After completing university I was working in mobile phone games post production, developing a weather information parsing system, developing system for IPTV and other. I want to get better, since I get very passionate about that. I would like to become a game developer and make video games. Maybe along with writing the story :-)

Ciara Costelloe and this career

A very enjoyable career for a problem solver. A lot of options for being creative if you are interested in it.

Stephen Belanger and this career

It's interesting learning how computers work under the surface.

Aaron Tait and this career

It's fun as a hobby. It's even better as a hobby that turns into a company. It's shit when you do it for a living.

James Buchanan and this career

I found it challenging and gratifying to build software solutions that solved real business problems. It provided a good compensation path and an opportunity for career growth into leadership roles.

Nobu Blue and this career

Review your experience with this career. What is it like being a Computer Programmer? What do you like about it?

Varun Sud and this career

Thinking logical, work was more like solving puzzles all the time. Being creative and research more and better ways to solve a problem.

Raul Sanz de Acedo and this career

learn new things, make things by my own, work with other people, the tranquility and the posibility to concentrate without interruptions

Shawn Buterbaugh and this career

allowed me to be creative ; work independently ; solve problems ; create programs on the side ;

Roman Gudkov and this career

I like the act of creation: you get an idea and implement it into a real world and make some people's life easier.

arno ourra and this career

I have been working more than 15 years in the field - mostly for big private institutions - and was thinking about kind of a career switch that would allow greater autonomy and creativity.
omg it seems that i am 95% compatible with my actual job !!!

Jessica Dawson and this career

I just can't stand sitting in front of a computer all day. I like understanding how things work . . . but they need to be physical things. Code just bores me.

Tim Gilles and this career

Challenging, opportunity to solve problems creatively, producing something useful and helpful to others - all good.

Alvaro Almagro and this career

I like to use my mind to solve important problems which solutions can make life easier.