Articles on Computer Repair Technician

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  • Starting A Home Business: Computer Repair Technician

    If you are thinking about starting a home business, you may be interested to look into becoming a computer repair technician. Since the computer generally goes to the technician, it is possible to have the office at any location - even at home, though there may be times when a technician has to go to fix the computer.

  • Computer Technician Requirements

    Information technologies positions include some of the highest paying careers available. An entry point into this career path for many is that of computer technician.

  • How To Become A Computer Technician

    Exploring how computer technicians spend their time and knowing the steps you will need to take to become one can help you determine if this is the field for you.

  • 9 Tips To Help You Become A Computer Technician

    Getting your first job as an entry level computer technician can be difficult. This is especially true for someone with no experience. The job market for computer techs is very crowded and there are lots of new people trying to get in.