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Marcos Pons and this career

i like experiencing with the components of a computer, repairing tough problems and looking for the best performance for my computer or the computer of another person, if its in his budget.

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Eric Smith and this career

Get to play with computers, but still have to deal with client/customers.

Sam Lawrence and this career

I enjoyed the work, but travel and some clients were difficult.

Ben Rooney and this career

While my job offers me different problems to solve most days, the job is monotonous. Without any other education, advanced positions are unreachable.

Sam Smith and this career

I love repairing computers. Mainly disassemble / reassemble broken laptops and replacing the faulty parts. I find anything with a desktop not to just be too simple. On the software side I enjoy recovering data or removing viruses. I just want to take my job into a career. A step further. Just unsure where to go.

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