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Marcos Pons is a Computer Repair Technician

i like experiencing with the components of a computer, repairing tough problems and looking for the best performance for my computer or the computer of another person, if its in his budget.

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Eric Smith was a Computer Repair Technician

Get to play with computers, but still have to deal with client/customers.

Sam Lawrence was a Computer Repair Technician

I enjoyed the work, but travel and some clients were difficult.

Ben Rooney is a Computer Repair Technician

While my job offers me different problems to solve most days, the job is monotonous. Without any other education, advanced positions are unreachable.

Sam Smith is a Computer Repair Technician

I love repairing computers. Mainly disassemble / reassemble broken laptops and replacing the faulty parts. I find anything with a desktop not to just be too simple. On the software side I enjoy recovering data or removing viruses. I just want to take my job into a career. A step further. Just unsure where to go.

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