Different companies have different needs regarding their computer systems. A manufacturing company may require specialized inventory tracking abilities, invoicing, payment, and age-of-inventory capabilities. A governmental organization will have entirely different needs depending upon the services it offers.

This occupation combines several different disciplines in order to create, purchase and/or install a computer system that is appropriate for each client. Higher mathematics, higher sciences and electronics all factor into computer systems engineering.

Computers, in one form or another, have been in use for thousands of years, beginning with the invention of the abacus in 3000 BC. While the abacus was a very simple version of a computer, its main function was to perform calculations. Individuals choosing this career study the development of computer technology, understand the underlying concepts of computers, create improvements on current processes and equipment, and integrate hardware and software programs and concepts to produce a fully-functional system capable of meeting his or her clients’ needs.

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