Military operations or drills require excellent communication between military units, higher ranking decision makers, and sometimes government officials. During a mission or a training drill, there may be several units involved in the operation. Moreover, sometimes, units or components from different military branches operate together to accomplish their mission. This is especially true of large-scale military operations that require excellent communication and coordination support to ensure a successful outcome. Command and control center specialists work in command centers where all communication is relayed and analyzed by highly trained military staff who integrate various pieces of information into the big picture of the military operation or training drill. It is a very demanding job due to the enormous amount of incoming data that must be sorted according to its importance, relevance and priority to ensure that proper decisions are made by high ranking military officials on time. Command and control center specialists have the responsibility of maintaining clear communication between units, components and task forces, and coordinating their activities on a higher scale. They must analyze the incoming information quickly and effectively, and transmit it to military decision-makers who will decide on the best course of action.

A large-scale military operation may be conducted by air force components, naval and ground elements, which requires tight coordination and supervision. Because units are frequently located at considerable distances, all communication is relayed to specialized command and control centers where data is analyzed, prioritized and filtered to allow for the most effective allocation of military resources at any given moment. For example, when several units request air support for their ground troops, command and control specialists must analyze the information, make sure they understand the urgency of each request and prioritize the data to make sure that air force elements will first respond where they are needed the most. At the same time, this information will be sent to troop commanders who will analyze the battlefield situation and decide how to allocate their military resources. Command and control specialists also operate and maintain advanced communication equipment, weapon systems, air control equipment, radar systems and other advanced detection and data transmission equipment.

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