Costume attendants are professionals that work in the fashion, textile and theater world creating and organizing costumes for the performing arts. In shows that have multiple, extravagant costume changes, costume attendants are responsible for the flawless costume changes that multiple performers make during the length of the stage show.

Costume attendants hire cast dressers and tailors to help with their many responsibilities. They must make sure that costumes have all of their necessary pieces to make them authentic to the time period they represent, as well as ensure the costumes look as fabulous on stage as they do on the sewing table, with enough time to make changes if necessary.

Costume attendants are extremely organized workers with strong attention to detail and a love of making the stage come to life with fantastic, detailed costumes, and do not mind putting in often long hours to do their jobs. Ideal candidates for this position are creative and artistic with a flare for design and a love of the performing arts.

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