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  • Interview With Lynn Pecktal

    I first wanted to be a painter but I was not admitted to the only high school that prepared future artists in Slovakia. My other great love was theatre and film but I did not want to be an actress. So, by default really, I saw costume and scene design (referred to in Europe as “sceneography”) as a possible way of becoming an artist.

  • How To Be A Movie Costume Designer

    Working on Hollywood films as a costume designer may be a far fetched goal for fashion professionals at the beginning of their careers. It may be easier to obtain an internship with the head costume designer who is working on a big-budget production.

  • Creating Disney Magic – The Costume

    A few weeks ago, the Designing Disney Blog had an exclusive interview with Mrs Sue LeCash, show costume designer & head of the 'Creative Costume Department'. Today, we show you how a Disney theme park costume is made.

  • Costume Designer Interview

    Paul Favini has over 25 years of costume design experience, working in over 60 productions. He currently works as the assistant professor of costume design at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

  • Inside Llewyn Davis: Interview With Costume Designer Mary Zophres!

    I thought the costumes in ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ were so lovely, I just had to ask designer Mary Zophres a few quick questions about her work on the film. Here, she even gifts us with a few of her sources for vintage knits!! BONUS!

  • Sleepy Hollow: Q&A With Costume Designer Kristin M. Burke

    Kristin M. Burke is what we would politely call a veteran costume designer, over 50 films to her name, although not someone especially used to working in television. Her big screen credits include The Cooler, Running Scared, Paranormal Activity 2, Insidious, The Conjuring, and Insidious 2.

  • A Reality Check - An Insider's Guide To Costume Design

    If you are considering a career in costume design, supervision or costume making in film, TV, commercials or theatre, Vinilla Burnham's top tips provide an invaluable overview from the perspective of an insider.