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Karen Arrese and this career

I am a calligrapher. My business has taken many forms from designing envelopes for invitations to creating personal stationery and note pads. I loved learning the art. I began by learning 4 basic, traditional styles. Calligraphy, like many art forms, is in the hands and mind of the artist. I enjoy modifying styles to suit the aesthetics of my projects. I enjoy new creations much more than repeatedly addressing envelopes so I have taken my business in that direction. I design stationary and notepads with literary quotes and alphabetic initials. I print many copies, package them at home and sell them locally. Calligraphy is a beautiful ancient art form that I love to practice and share.

Katlego Ledimo and this career

I was free. I was my own boss and I served people. I made no money at all but the smiles on the faces of customers was my reward.

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