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Culinary Chef Reviews

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Aaron Grosch and this career

I am presently a lead cook/chef. The hours are often long, the pay is often low and the strain on your body is expensive. If I actually took care of myself, I'd make less than I'd owe for bills. Gone without a lot of stuff. I enjoy food, but the industry is no good.

Luann Suhr and this career

It was fun but underpaid. Experience is valued over education. You have the opportunity to rise a lot in this career.

eric hulha and this career

Hard work, the hours are not ideal but free food and a sense of pride at having created something make it satisfying.

Jason Wolf-Carrizo and this career

The idea of being a kitchen creative is wonderful. The reality is creating he same thing day after day. Long hours no social life and limited interaction besides the other kitchen crew.

Daniel Masur and this career

I enjoy cooking as a whole, however the work environment is not ideal for my personality.