Reviews of Customer Service Representative

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Customer Service Representative Reviews

  • terrific
    5 ratings
  • pleasant
    22 ratings
  • satisfactory
    22 ratings
  • lowly
    11 ratings
  • disappointing
    19 ratings

All Reviews

Tara Thomas-Grauer and this career

Mostly, this job was really great because I liked helping people. Sometimes I had to deal with irate customers who needed to be calmed down before they could be helped.

Muhannad Abbassid and this career

Depressing field. Not for enthusiasts.

Elsa Rice and this career

Enjoy dealing with customers, include problem solving

J. Beane and this career

I worked in a call center. I liked the part where I resolved a customer's problem. I didn't like the internal politics or the nonsense I had to peddle to customers. I didn't like having to get off the phone because the clock was ticking, even when a supervisor knew the issue wasn't resolved. I didn't like that the only time I could talk to my co-workers was before or after work and during lunch.

Lauren Meeks and this career

Not my cup of tea. A desert for a dreamer.

Staci Gallahue and this career

Being a customer service representative is a great opportunity to help people and to learn to be effective in a short period of time. Superior oral communication skills are a must if you want to do the job well. It also helps to work in an industry that correlates with your interests. I worked in finance, which was right up my alley. The only drawbacks to this job were low pay, and sitting at a desk all day.

Marla Johnson and this career

I am only in this job because it helps pay my bills and requires as much away time from direct face to face contact with humans. I would not recommend this type of job to artistic or creative types as it can really drain you emotionally as well as physically leaving you with zero creative juice. After 7 years of learning skills that I could have learned if I majored in Business, I will be refocusing on what is important - getting back on track to be in a creative role.

Sarah DeLuna and this career

Working with cell phone customer service was hard for me because I want to please everyone and do everything I can and for some people that was not enough and it was discouraging to hear so much complaining day in and day out all day long

Eric Smith and this career

High stress and low pay.

Kassandra K and this career

This job makes you hate people.

Sam Lawrence and this career

I like helping people, but sometimes wish I was able to be more creative.

Izumi Kishimoto and this career

It's mostly thankless. You have people calling in usually already upset, and most of the time it's your job to not only calm them down, but then try to pitch them an upgrade or another product. Then there are the hour phone calls where you try figuring out how to solve someones problem, only to send them to another department. It mostly sucks. Sorry to be such a downer, but that was my experience.

Kirshner Josaphat and this career

Being a customer service representative is quite an experience! With each person you meet, you are exposed to something new. Yes, it does require a bit of thinking on your feet. You have to keep the customer happy while figuring out how to solve their problem. I admit, sometimes it's not easy because there are days when you're hit with a person that's having a bad day or someone with a flat-out horrible attitude. Take heart though, the customers will be easy to handle more often than not. In any case, always remember that at the end of the day, all the customer wants is some help.

Once you get past that hump of dealing with their problems, it is actually pretty enjoyable. It's a great opportunity to meet and chat with some pretty interesting people. Heck, you might even meet your next girlfriend/boyfriend.

Stephanie Goggin and this career

I love helping people help themselves and I like the fact that the environment is always changing and there's always something to learn.
However, it can be fast paced, which can be daunting and sometimes stressful.

David McNeeley and this career

Being a Customer Service Representative was interesting. I liked helping people solve their problems. I did not however like the complete and total lack of natural light and remaining stationary all day.

T H and this career

Some good days some not so good. All depends on the capacity you work in and what type of organization

Angelica Rawls and this career

My work in a call center was very stiff and routine work. However customer service work exists in different work environments. Serving customers can be exciting.

Caitlin B and this career

I have worked as a CSR in both a mid-sized food manufacturing environment and now in an FBO, which is essentially a private jet airport. The former was not my favorite, but my current position is great! It is fast-paced, involves lots of coordinating and multitasking, and I am able to spend time chatting with pilots and my amazing coworkers. I also work weekends and varying shifts throughout the week, so I am able to attend school at the same time. Overall, my coworkers are what really make the job enjoyable.

Canice Booker and this career

I enjoyed talking and interacting with people, no set rules to go by, and no advancement.

Keith Stannard and this career

Helping people was fun, but the structure of the industry I have found lacking in true caring anymore.

Leo Gebhardt and this career

Such rampant banality...

Jack Eissler and this career

I am a Customer Service Specialist

Stephanie Huot and this career

I was good at making customers happier than when they first talked to me, but there were definitely days that it wasn't rewarding.