Articles on Cytotechnologist

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  • Duties Of A Cytotechnologist

    Tissues in the human body are made up of individual cells, which represent some of its smallest building blocks. Changes in the behavior of cells are one of the earliest indicators of a disease or medical condition, often long before the patient experiences any symptoms.

  • Cytotechnologist Salary

    A Cytotechnologist salary is one of the highest among other medical tech salaries.

  • The Cytotechnologist (CT)

    Cells, cells, cells — that's the work of the cytotechnologist. With expert eyes, the cytotechnologist looks for the smallest abnormalities in color, shape and size that can be clues to the presence of disease.

  • Cytotechnology Careers – Cytotechnologist Programs

    Cytotechnologists can work in Hospitals and Private Laboratories, always under the supervision of a Registered Pathologist.

  • Profession Of Cytotechnology

    The cytotechnologist makes a judgmental decision as to what is normal and abnormal by analyzing cellular patterns and subtle changes in both the nucleus and cytoplasm of cells while correlating the patient's clinical history.

  • Cytotechnologist Interview

    Christine McCully is a licensed and board certified cytotechnologist in the state of California, and she has been working in the field for 17 years.