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  • 15 Truths About Being A Professional Dancer

    The world of dance today is akin to an extreme sport. Natural ability and talent will only get us so far.

  • Work Life: Teneisha Bonner, Dancer

    A one-day diary from morning latte to lights out.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Ballet Dancer

    Deborah Bull, a former dancer with the Royal Ballet and currently the director of Cultural Institute at King’s College in London, wrote in her book, “The Everyday Dancer”, that the day of a professional ballet dancer is more or less 12 hours of working, 6 days a week.

  • Making It On Broadway

    To land a Broadway gig is to land a dance dream job. With eight shows a week offering much performance experience on big, historic stages and with significant compensation, its no wonder so many dancers are after this gig.

  • But What I Really Want To Do Is Dance!

    There’s one email that I get quite a lot. Though it comes with a variety of backstories, it goes a little something like this...

  • How To Become A Professional Dancer – 3 Things You Should Do First

    To be a professional dancer is to live a dream. Whether you are dancing as a back up dancer to a huge named artist performing on stage in front of sold out stadiums or traveling the 7 seas as a dancer for a cruise line.

  • Becoming A Dance Professional

    Have you attended a dance performance you can't forget? Do you love to dance and hope to make it your career? If you want to become a part of the fascinating world of professional dance, read on!