Articles on Dental Hygienist

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being A Dental Hygienist

    When choosing what career to enter there are many factors to take into consideration. It would be wise to learn as much as you can about being a dental hygienist and job shadow if possible before making a big investment on your education.

  • Our Remarkable Role

    The dental hygiene profession has dramatically changed in the last 100 years. When the profession was developed in 1906, the purpose of the dental hygienist was to provide preventive dental cleanings for patients. Today, the main purpose of dental hygiene is still to provide preventive dental care, however many more responsibilities have been added.

  • What Are Some Qualities A Person Should Have To Be A Good Dental Hygienist?

    If you’re patient, enjoy working with people, and care about their health, then this profession might be a good fit. It’s also a stable and growing field.

  • Dental Hygienist - Job Description

    In the dental office, the dentist and the dental hygienist work together to meet the oral health needs of patients. Since each state has its own specific regulations regarding their responsibilities, the range of services performed by hygienists varies from state to state.

  • Interview With Dental Hygienist, Julie Spaans

    After 22 years in the field, Ms. Spaans has come to learn the career is about more than simply helping others keep their teeth clean. Career Colleges recently interviewed Ms. Spanns about why she loves her job, the unexpected connections she has made with her patients, and to discuss the day-to-day responsibilities of her position.

  • Dental Hygienist: Career Information

    Dental hygienists clean patients' teeth and examine them for signs of disease and damage. They teach patients how to maintain good oral health.