A Derrick Operator is a job that is closely related to that of a rigger, or rig technician. The job is defined as a worker who erects, operates, and positions a derrick, and inspects, maintains, and services all the derrick components. The Derrick Operator works on drilling rigs for the oil and gas industry. An oil derrick manages the drilling rigs, first digging an initial hole for an oil or gas well, then forcing the drill pipe deep into the earth, creating a bore hole. Pumps are then operated by the rig derrick to circulate mud and extract oil and gas.

The operator manages all aspects of derrick machinery. This includes guiding the pipe lengths, controlling drilling fluid, monitoring operation of the drill system, and ensuring the pumps are working correctly. He or she operates the electric or gas-powered components of the derrick, moves the cables and pulleys and levers necessary to move products, equipment or materials onto and around the site. The operator also must read and monitor console readings.

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Employment Stats

No education required

Growing by 18.8% over the next 8 years

$49K Average annual salary