Substance Abuse Counselor

Donna Mae Depola’s story comes from a place of trauma, abuse, broken trust, and substance abuse. It is a story of coming from rock bottom to a tale of victory and success.

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Substance Abuse Counselor Overcomes Grief And Age Discrimination

In this interview with a substance abuse counsellor, she shares how she has overcome overwhelming grief at the loss of her mother that changed her career path and lead her to this rewarding field.

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The Typical Day For A Substance Abuse Counselor

Some might argue there is no such thing as a “typical” day in the life of a substance abuse counselor, but you may find most of your days fall into a particular rhythm.

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How To Be A Good AOD Counselor

Becoming an AOD counselor can be rewarding and fulfilling, yet sometimes stressful and frustrating. To be a good AOD counselor, you should have the right personality and possess specific skills and traits.

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Drug Rehab Counselor

In the process of rehabilitation and recovery, a drug rehab counselor can often make the difference between an individual’s failure and success.

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A Working Life: The Addiction Counsellor

Addiction counsellor Richard Kingdon works with City clients in a world where it's acceptable to drink heavily or take drugs – but not to seek professional help.

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What does a a Drug & Alcohol Counselor do?