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  • A day In The Life Of An Editor

    I'm a little bit stressed these days--it's been a busy summer that is just going to get busier. So, here’s my typical work day...

  • A Day In The Life: Book Editor

    By the time I finished college, I'd already begun selling my short fiction and working as a freelance editor...

  • What Editors Do - Newspaper Editor

    Just as the military has a chain of command, newspapers have a hierarchy of editors responsible for various aspects of the operation.

  • What Are The Qualifications Of The Editor Of A Newspaper?

    Newspaper editors enjoy writing and are good at it. In fact, many start as newspaper reporters and move up to the editor position.

  • Skills A Magazine Editor Needs

    Magazine editors write articles, commission articles from other writers on subjects the magazine's target audience wants to read about, and edit articles for sense, substance, style and grammatical correctness.

  • What Do You Major In If You Want To Be A Magazine Editor?

    Communication and journalism majors find work in all areas of publication.

  • Becoming An Editor

    Because it comes up frequently in my various editorial forums, I've decided to put all the tips I have for breaking into the editorial profession in one place.