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A Day In The Work Life Of An Electrical Engineer

When you think of what an engineer does on a daily basis, what comes to mind? Do you think we sit around and solve math problems all day? Maybe you think we sit in a cube and work on our projects alone.

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Life With An EE Education: Better Than Some Will Tell You

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a BEE in 1976. Being broke, I had to work for a few years to accrue some savings. Then I returned to Tech, obtained my MSEE, and planned to pursue a PhD in EE...

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A Day In The Life Of: An Electrical Engineer

What does a day in your life look like?

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The Education & Training Requirements For An Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers work to create new designs and re-evaluate old designs of electrical equipment, wiring, motors, circuit boards and other types of systems, according to

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What Jobs Can You Do With An Electrical Engineering Degree?

Graduates with electrical engineering degrees can choose from careers in a wide range of engineering industries.

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What Degree Do I Need To Be An Electrical Engineer?

From batteries to cell phones to computers, electrical engineers touch the technologies that touch people’s lives.

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