An Electronic Equipment Assembler, also known as a fabricator, mounts, connects, assembles and secures parts and components of electronic equipment. The assembler works behind the scenes to bring together the pieces of equipment we use every day, such as computers, electronic devices, toys and engines. A wide range of electronics are involved: computer circuit boards, transmitters, receivers, medical equipment, measuring devices, and automotive mechanisms.

Opening up the inside of a home computer provides a sense of the complexity of the job. A computer motherboard, for example, is a small circuit board that consists of dozens and dozens of individual components: resisters, transistors, wires, connectors, CPU sockets, battery connectors, and power connectors, just to mention a few. All of these tiny parts need to be fixed to the board and connected in order for the computer to function. Many large manufacturers outsource things like circuit boards to companies in China and India. However, these pre-assembled components still must be put together manually.

With new technological advancements requiring smaller and smaller micro electronics, mass production technology has become more automated. Changes in technology have transformed the way electronic equipment is made, and modern manufacturing systems use robots, programmable motion-control devices, sensing technologies and computers. Increasingly, companies are using lean manufacturing techniques, with teams of workers producing the entire device. The nature of the Electronic Equipment Assembler's job has been transformed accordingly. Regardless of how or where, however, almost every piece of modern electronic equipment has at some point been in the hands of an Electronic Equipment Assembler.

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