Traditionally, the term refers to a person who has a business idea and is willing to take a risk to implement that idea, taking the role of the leader of the company or organization and assuming full responsibility for its execution, success, or failure. A more modern interpretation of the term usually associates entrepreneurship with innovative ideas and conjures up ideas of creativity and inventiveness. The term usually refers to someone will typically be in charge of the entire business, including all employees and will oversee all departments or aspects of the business.

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Ignasi Pérez Arnal is an Entrepreneur

It´s about not waiting to somebody's offer, it's about how you can be useful for society offering the best of your qualities. No matter the sector, only what you want to do, what you know to do.

Saeid Fard is an Entrepreneur

It's hard. Really hard. For all the talk about long hours, or 'hustling', or having to do a lot of work you're not used to, the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur, whatever that might mean to you, is the mental weight of uncertainty. Maybe some people were born with infinite confidence in what they do, but I wager most, especially those with an entrepreneurial streak do not. A lifetime of grading and corporate reviews have left most of us with an idea that there is a clear "path" in life that we can be evaluated against. Being an entrepreneur means abandoning that, and with it, having to deal with ongoing uncertainty about whether what you're doing is right. That's the bad part. The worst part, really. What's good? You get to build something. That is exciting. Really exciting.

Jean-Marc Skopek was an Entrepreneur

I started a business in my final year of university. It was incredibly hard work, and I made more mistakes than I can count, but I have really fond memories of the experience.

A lot of the lessons I learned have carried with me, and experiencing failure (the company folded after a year and a half) taught me to not be afraid of it. Your early years are an ideal time for experimenting with this - the penalty for failure is so much lower.

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