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Saeid Fard and this career

It's hard. Really hard. For all the talk about long hours, or 'hustling', or having to do a lot of work you're not used to, the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur, whatever that might mean to you, is the mental weight of uncertainty. Maybe some people were born with infinite confidence in what they do, but I wager most, especially those with an entrepreneurial streak do not. A lifetime of grading and corporate reviews have left most of us with an idea that there is a clear "path" in life that we can be evaluated against. Being an entrepreneur means abandoning that, and with it, having to deal with ongoing uncertainty about whether what you're doing is right. That's the bad part. The worst part, really. What's good? You get to build something. That is exciting. Really exciting.

Jean-Marc Skopek and this career

I started a business in my final year of university. It was incredibly hard work, and I made more mistakes than I can count, but I have really fond memories of the experience.

A lot of the lessons I learned have carried with me, and experiencing failure (the company folded after a year and a half) taught me to not be afraid of it. Your early years are an ideal time for experimenting with this - the penalty for failure is so much lower.

Ignasi Pérez Arnal and this career

It´s about not waiting to somebody's offer, it's about how you can be useful for society offering the best of your qualities. No matter the sector, only what you want to do, what you know to do.

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Spencer Thompson and this career

The idea for Sokanu came from my grade 12 year in high school. Around the time that everyone was applying to university, I became really curious as to why people were making the decisions that they did. It turned out that a large majority of my class ended up taking very similar degrees at the same university, all for the wrong reasons.

I realized that most people make career decisions not based off of internal drivings or intuition, but rather based off bias from other people. We are influenced through peers, parents, teachers and guidance counselors. Each of these parties has their own unique perspective on the world, and smashed together - this is how most people interpret their life. Is this wrong? No - but very often it is not right for optimizing for a career meant for YOU.

Sokanu was born out of that thought. It was originally a thought about connecting like-minded individuals on their path to success, but I quickly realized (through the help of others) that this was extremely limiting, and didn't solve the problem at all. My mom (also my co-founder) helped guide the direction of the company towards helping people find what they were meant to do on this planet - and building an entire system optimized for them. This is now the central premise behind Sokanu.

Sokanu is a place to find your passion in life. Our mission is to connect every single person with the career that they are meant to be in. We care about three things very deeply:

1. Helping people understand a lot more about themselves
2. Helping people understand a lot more about careers
3. Matching people to their next step in life

Most people are born to do something amazing, whether they realize it or not. Our purpose is to help people find what that something amazing is.

Catherine Bounsaythip and this career

I was co-founder of a biotech startup while still having my job as research scientist. It really took 200% of my time and effort. While being a single mom with no relatives around, I decided to quit and have a more peaceful job in order to have more time for my kids.
I would reconsider the venture path again when the opportunity is right for my life situation.

Gregory Grzegorzyk and this career

I'm in the process of launching and enjoy the level of autonomy and creativity involved. There are many components required, starting with performing a market opportunity assessment that justifies further investment in time, effort, and money. I built an elaborate market test that included a needs assessment on LinkedIn for specific target groups. Some of the other important elements include the website, advertising tests, prospect lists, telesales script, and of course the product and service development effort. It’s not without some risk, but that can be mitigated. You can reduce and share the risk of starting your own business by building a team and attracting seed or angel investors. Risk aside, everyone on your team should be willing to invest the necessary effort and passion to maximize your chances of success!

Igor Llaguno and this career

I created Nicte Productions

Miguel San Martin and this career

Uses all my intelligence and passion for life

Nikhil Trivedi and this career

Nothing compares to the journey of building something from scratch.

Miguel Aranda and this career

Ankit Dubey and this career

i enjoy working as entrepreneur, being my own boss has lots of advantages, but yes few disadvantages as well. i wanted to create wealth faster which wasn't possible with job in corporate. best part of my work is i change my self for better everyday and learn everyday for new experiences , i socialize and i party hard and work harder.

John Logan and this career

I love working for myself and building my business and brand.

Michael Lun and this career

I want to build quasi-social enterprises like TOMS, where when the company do well, society does well also.

George Bronskiy and this career

It's much fun and excitement to see how a bold idea grows into a profitable business. You always have to keep yourself updated, you need to make unusual decisions. The more you work the better feedback you have.

sam lacquaniti and this career

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